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Formerly known as the Scratch Basket widget.

The Cart widget can be used to compile groups of assets. These carts can then be acted upon by a variety of commands. Placing assets into a cart does not move the assets in any way; it is merely a handy tool used to collect selections of assets.

Carts persist between user sessions, display the total cart size, and have full support for downloading versioned assets. They also have a slider to control thumbnail size.


Main Features

Cart Sub-tabs

Each sub-tab represents an individual cart, the contents of which are shown below, similar to a workspace. Sub-tabs may be renamed by clicking on the tab title.


Cart Options

Located to the right of all of the cart sub-tabs is the Cart Options menu. Additionaly, right-clicking in the Cart widget will show the Cart options menu. It contains the following commands:


  • New Cart: This creates a new cart sub-tab.
  • Clear Cart: This removes the assets from the current cart.
  • Save Cart: This converts the cart's contents into a Saved Selection.
  • Show in View widget: This shows the cart's content in the current View widget.
  • Create Contact Sheet: This creates a PDF Contact Sheet from the cart's contents.
  • Download Items: This submits the cart's contents to the Loading Dock with no conversions.
  • Share External Link: See the "Email External Download Link" description in the Directory Browser section.

Drag-and-Drop to Add Assets

To drop assets into a new cart instead of the current one, simply use the dropzone at the bottom of the widget.


Note: Carts can contain a maximum of 1,000 assets.

Drag-and-Drop to Link Assets

Drag-and-drop a cart sub-tab onto an asset in one of the view widgets to link all of the assets.

Menu Bar Mode

The cart may be displayed in the menu bar. The cart can be clicked to display its content in the view widget. To the right of the cart is the number of assets the cart contains.



Formerly known as the Scratch Basket widget.


Widget Configuration

  • Menu Bar Mode: This checkbox causes the cart to display in the menu bar. The cart can be clicked to display its content in the view widget.
  • Show Expanded Buttons: This checkbox toggles the listing of the Cart Options commands above the sub-tabs.


  • Show Scale Thumbnails Slider: This toggles the slider that lets users resize the cart's asset thumbnails.
  • Selection is Private to Widget: By default, all carts share a common pool of assets, i.e. when a user adds assets to a cart in Workspace A, and then navigates to Workspace B which also has a cart, it will contain the same assets. This option overrides the default, so that the contents of a particular cart widget will not display in carts in other workspaces.
  • Hide Cart Tabs: This options hides the cart sub-tabs.
  • Hide Size Label: This options hides the total cart size.
  • Hide Actions: When checked, these options will hide the corresponding action from the list of cart options.
  • Enable Javascript on Direct Download: This option allows for the addition of custom buttons that, when clicked, will execute custom JavaScript on the assets in a given cart. Administrators can also set a default name for downloaded assets.
  • Thumbnail: This option allows a chosen icon to be displayed next to the corresponding custom button.
  • Add New Button: Clicking this will add another custom button.
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