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Landing Page Workspace


The Landing Page workspace is used as a starting point for searches. By default it contains two distinct elements: a Quick Search widget and a Featured Content widget.

Simply type your search in the Quick Search widget and hit enter or click the search button to be taken to the results.


The Landing Page may also contain a Navigation widget or Places Browser widget which take you to predefined workspaces or places with a single click.



The Landing Page workspace is a starting point for users performing a search. It has a few configuration options for its appearance and functionality.


Workspace Configuration

Quick Search

  • Destination Workspace: Ensure a workspace that contains a View widget is selected. This is where the user will be directed upon submitting their search from the Landing Page workspace.

Featured Content widget

  • Content Source: Either choose a Saved Selection or Saved Search in order to have assets displayed in the background of the Landing Page workspace.Videos in the Saved Selection or Saved Search will play full screen in the Landing Page workspace.
  • Fields Displayed on Bottom of Landing Page: Choose fields that will be displayed on the bottom of the Landing Page. These values can be clicked to perform a search for them in the quick search's destination workspace, or to open asset view if quick search's destination workspace is not set.
  • Enable Animation: When checked, the time between transitions can be defined in the Interval field. The default value is 15000.
  • A Navigation widget or Places Browser widget can be added to the workspace for easy one click navigation. Configuring the Display Mode of one of the above widgets to Button will display large buttons on the Landing Page. This will display a workspace's icon in the case of a Navigation widget, and a place's thumbnail in the case of a Places Browser widget.
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