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A MediaBeacon webhead is a copy of the MediaBeacon web interface that is deployed in an external appserver (e.g. Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, etc.). Webheads have several main uses:

  • Creating multiple web interfaces for load balancing and handling more concurrent user sessions.
  • Advanced configuration. For example, administrators have more granular control of memory and other settings in Tomcat versus the built-in Jetty web server.
  • Advanced configuration. For example, an administrator could theoretically modify the webapp contents in an external server, whereas MediaBeacon’s built-in webapp is read-only.

This manual provides basic information on how to install an external MediaBeacon webhead. For configuration questions not addressed here, please contact MediaBeacon Support.

Please email us at if you find any incorrect or missing information. Send screenshots and/or refer to page numbers in this document where applicable.

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