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Running Standalone R3Search as a Service

MediaBeacon R3Search 7.0+ can be run as a service. The following are intended to intended to be basic setup instructions. Double-check each step to ensure its appropriateness for your particular configuration.

Windows Service Installation

  1. Ensure MediaBeacon and R3Search are configured and running properly before proceeding with service installation steps.
  2. Stop R3Search and exit the server application.
  3. Open a command prompt. The application must be run as the "Administrator". To do so:
    1. Press the windows key.
    2. Click the search icon, enter "Command Prompt"
    3. Right-click Command Prompt and choose "Run as administrator".
  4. In the command prompt, cd to the R3Search installation, which is typically C:\Program Files\MediaBeacon\MediaBeacon R3Search.
  5. Run the command sc query R3Search to determine if additional MediaBeacon services are installed on the system.
    If so, run the command bin\prunsrv.exe //DS//R3Search to uninstall them.
  6. Edit etc\r3search_inst.bat to add the user that the service should run as.
    1. Modify the PR_SERVICEUSER and PR_SERVICEPASSWORD lines. The username should be prefixed with the domain and should match the user account name that R3Search was initially installed under. For the built-in domain, use .\username. For additional information, see:
    2. Confirm that the line starting with SET PR_JVM= points to the correct jvm.dll on the system. The location of this file may change depending on the installed Java version and whether it’s the JDK or JRE.
    3. Confirm that the various references to the R3Search binaries are accurate. The C:\Program Files\MediaBeacon\MediaBeacon R3Search strings should be replaced with the actual install location if R3Search is installed to a non-default location.
    4. Update the PR_JVMMX variable to match the ‘Memory Limit (MB)’ set on the server side standalone R3Search application interface (which, in turn, should be set to a value appropriate to the server’s use and resources). If you’re unsure of a proper value for your environment, please contact MediaBeacon Support.
    5. Update the REM JVM configuration section and add the following two entries:
      REM Local IP Address
      REM Zookeeper Host IP Address
  7. In the terminal, run etc\r3search_inst.bat to install the service.
    • R3Search can now be started and stopped via the server GUI or the Windows Services GUI.
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