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Installation: Client

After M4sterPlan has been configured on the server, the FileCloud client must be installed on each workstation.

  1. Download the FileCloud client application installer.
    1. Windows:
    2. Mac:
  2. Follow the FileCloud application install prompts.
  3. Log in with the user’s FileCloud credentials and the appropriate FileCloud server.

  4. Upon successful login, the client will create a “FileCloud” folder in the user’s home directory, which is where all new M4sterPlan projects that are shared with that user will appear.
  5. Additional FileCloud settings can be configured by right clicking on the icon in the application launch bar in your operating system.
  6. Optional: If you would like projects that are unshared with a user in MediaBeacon to be removed from their local machine, the syncclientconfig.xml file needs to be modified on each end user computer (and the server running FileCloud). This file can be found at:
    1. Mac: ~/syncclientconfig.xml
    2. Windows: C:\Users\<OS Account>\AppData\Roaming\FileCloudSync\syncclientconfig.xml
    3. Add the following before the </variantrow> element.
  1. Optional: Carts can be configured to allow users to be able to add assets to any M4sterPlan project they are a part of. To configure:
    1. In any workspace, add a Cart.
    2. Right click on the Cart and choose Widget Options.
    3. Check the “Enable javascript on direct download” box.
    4. In the code area below, double click on “Direct download” and rename it to something like “Add to M4.” This can be anything you’d like and is what the users will see in the list of options when right clicking on the cart.
    5. Then, paste in the javascript located in the M4ScratchBasketClientSide.js Appendix of this manual.
    6. Save the changes.
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