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Installation: Server

To set up M4sterPlan, an administrator must first configure the M4ster and MediaBeacon servers, and then install a client application on each end user workstation. This section details the server configuration. For end user workstation configuration steps, please see “Installation: Client”.


  • MediaBeacon R3volution 7.6 or higher with M4sterPlan license option
  • FileCloud 10 or higher configured with an SSL certificate


  1. Install FileCloud on the MediaBeacon server.
    1. Install instructions are located at
  2. Login as the administrative user to configure FileCloud settings
    1. Update the Server URL and ensure it uses https.
    2. Disable the WebDAV checkbox.
  3. Make sure the storage option is configured to the local mount point.
  4. In the Admin section:
    1. Set the Automatic Account Approval drop down to level 2.
    2. Disable all emails.
    3. Enable “Check for updates”.
  5. In the Backup tab:
    1. Disable “Allow Users to Backup”.
    2. Disable “Allow Camera Uploads”.
  6. In the License tab:
    1. Upload the license .xml file provided.
  7. Add a FileCloud user to act as the MediaBeacon client.
    1. This user will be an Administrator on every share and visible to the end user. Suggested names: M4sterPlan or MediaBeacon.
    2. This user must be configured with the “Full” access level with a Quota of 0 (unlimited).
  8. Create end users.
    1. Each user email must exactly match that user’s email from MediaBeacon.
    2. Users should automatically be added as “Guest”.

FileCloud Client

The server will also need the FileCloud client installed. Follow the instructions below in the Installation: Client section. Once installed, sign in as the administrative user.

The syncclientconfig.xml file on the MediaBeacon Server is not the same as the one on client computers. The following must be added. The difference is the "ignorefilechangenotifications" block is to be present on the server, and not the clients.


Running FileCloud as a Service

If you would like to run FileCloud as a service, follow these steps:


  1. Download and install NSSM from
  2. Open the Command Prompt and navigate to the path of the NSSM install.
    1. Typically: c:\Program Files\NSSM\nssm-2.24\win64
  3. Enter: Nssm install FileCloud
  4. A user interface will open to finish the install of the service.
    1. Set the path and startup directory to the FileCloud executable location. Make sure to include .exe at the end.
  5. The FileCloud service is now installed. Now you can edit and manage it in services.msc to reflect the following:





  1. Create the text file in the same folder as The default location of the file on the MediaBeacon server is as follows:

    Windows 2003:
    C:\Documents and Settings\<account running MB>\Local Settings\Application Data\MediaBeacon\

    Windows 2008:
    C:\Users\<account running MB>\AppData\Local\MediaBeacon\

  2. Paste the following lines into the file. Change the values in bold to the appropriate values for your system.
* FileCloud / M4sterPlan integration
M4Backend.kLibraryName = "FileCloud"; // static, do not change
* FileCloud Configuration
// FileCloud API endpoint:
M4Backend.kUrl = "";
// FileCloud user running on MediaBeacon server, full access
M4Backend.kMBUsername = "xxxxxx";
M4Backend.kMBPassword = "xxxxxx";
// FileCloud admin user for metrics, etc.
M4Backend.kAdminUsername = "xxxxxx";
M4Backend.kAdminPassword = "xxxxxx";
// FileCloud "My Files" root
M4Backend.kFileCloudRoot = "C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Documents\\FileCloud\\My Files";
// base URL of MediaBeacon, including trailing slash
M4Core.kMBUrl = "";
// should we show a graph of recent activity in the project file?
M4Core.kShowMetrics = true;
* Advanced settings
* (Do not change without direction from MediaBeacon)
// Path inside MBAssets where M4sterPlan will hold deleted metadata while a plan is active
M4Backend.kDeletedPath = "M4sterPlan/deleted";
// Prefix to prepend to M4sterPlan.html file, should be "!" and MUST match mb.m4.projectfileprefix in
M4Backend.M4Prefix = "!";
// If an event is stuck in a "pending" state, it will be fulfilled after this many attempts
M4Backend.kFSAbortThreshold = 30;
// Using MB FileSystem Events will cause severe issues with FileCloud and possible metadata loss.
M4Core.kUseFileSystemEvents = false;
  • If the environment has external Preview servers, create a new file on each Preview server in the same location as Core:
    C:\Users\<account running MB>\AppData\Local\MediaBeacon
  • Add the following property and save:
    M4Backend.M4Prefix = "!";
  1. Add the following property to on the core MediaBeacon (as well as any Preview and Webhead instances):
  2. Start MediaBeacon.
  3. Add M4sterPlan to your MediaBeacon license and activate it.
  4. Turn off FileSystem Events.
  5. Perform a full shutdown of MediaBeacon.
  6. Start MediaBeacon. This will pick up the new
  7. In the MediaBeacon web interface, add the M4sterPlan Admin workspace.
  8. M4sterPlan requires that each user have an account in both FileCloud and MediaBeacon. Create these accounts, ensuring that the email address for each pair is exactly the same, as this is what M4sterPlan will use to associate them together.
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