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M4sterPlan is an Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) product that works with MediaBeacon’s Digital Asset Management solution. M4sterPlan provides dropbox-like sync/share folders with global governance, control, metrics, and centralized enterprise search.

M4sterPlan is designed for enterprise customers with Creative Teams that need to work at the desktop level. M4sterPlan provides the familiar ease of sync/share folders, while maintaining the control and metrics of a central solution.

Solutions in Action

  • Predictive and Remote Sync: Creative team members or anyone who needs fast, efficient access to a large file can use M4sterPlan. Integrating M4sterPlan into your planning and logistics will automatically transfer all needed files to users whenever they’re assigned projects—no need to download or upload. M4sterPlan continually feeds changes to MediaBeacon’s DAM allowing continuous tracking and control. All assigned members always have the latest version of the file.
  • Governance: MediaBeacon’s built-in governance provides control of the files that the Creative team is currently working on. Get real-time status information on the files, such as who, what, and where the files are in the creative workflow. Central overview and validation of every file across all shares, everywhere.
  • On-Premise or Cloud: M4sterPlan can utilize on-premise hardware that’s isolated from the internet, or it can be deployed in a private cloud at a datacenter.
  • Integrated Security: M4sterPlan utilizes key features and security protocols that already exist in the MediaBeacon R3volution DAM. Directory services and federated access control are integrated with your local repositories, allowing your enterprise to control all access.
  • eDiscovery and Enterprise Search: MediaBeacon provides centralized system governance, which extends management across all currently shared files from a single interface. Track licensing and usage across all desktops no matter where they are. Allow users to work offline, but ensure that the work is recorded and tracked the moment they return.
  • Reporting: M4sterPlan’s central dashboard tracks all project activity. Administrators can track where a project is, who has what, and what needs to be done.

Customer Use Case Examples

  • Fast, Efficient, Secure Download / Upload to Desktops: Approved users in the MediaBeacon system can sync the files required to complete their work. M4sterPlan continuously monitors changes and makes immediate updates in the centralized system. This workflow alleviates burdensome challenges; once work is completed on a large media file, it is synced automatically. Users don’t need to manually upload or download.
  • Remote Workers: Remote users can sync their files in the background across slow lines and long distances without wasting productivity. Maximize bandwidth by spreading the load over an entire day or off-hours, instead of suffering network peak load.
  • Distribution and Sharing: M4sterPlan allows approved users to send the right files to the right people with ease. Imagine having the files updated from a centralized system to a distributed network of desktops without having each user manually retrieve the files. Entire publishing projects can be shared—including links—without concern about version number. M4sterplan is separate from the applications and provides this capability without any product influence from the applications. Mix graphics, CAD, office, and design projects made of complex file structures easily and without custom plugins or tools. Simple and complete.
  • Creative Files and Documents: Video, Creative Suite, Audio, Publishing, CAD, Design: Creative teams work with a wide assortment of media applications. They need to have the ability for fast and efficient sync. This needs to be secure, easy to use, and trackable. M4sterPlan meets this requirement.

Sync Technology

M4sterPlan is powered by the industry leading sync share solution, FileCloud.

File Management: Server

A new M4sterPlan is created as a new folder in MediaBeacon.

Example: A new M4sterPlan called “Plan Demo” is created in MediaBeacon. It shows up at \\NAS\FileCloud\My Files\Plan Demo on the server.

MediaBeacon assets are copied into this new plan inside MediaBeacon and the assets show up in the same folder mentioned above.

The assets reside on the disk twice now: MBAssets where they started, and FileCloud “Plan Demo”.

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