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This section allows administrators to configure FTP connectivity and publish it to groups of users.


Configured FTP options will be available in Loading Docks for users.


Other Functionality

Creating Hierarchies/Taxonomies in Search Filter

MediaBeacon allows administrators to give selected user groups or user roles an ability to browse through assets using arbitrary hierarchies, also called taxonomies. This mode of browsing is driven exclusively by available metadata and is filtered by uploaded hierarchies, so users are given a predictable browsing experience.

Taxonomy_Browser.png Dictionary_R3Search_2.png


Once a hierarchy is identified and uploaded to MediaBeacon, it can be used for filtering metadata and populating the Search Filter widget dynamically. Again, the Search Filter widget represents real data and is using classifications only to filter it.

AND / OR filters allow users to add respective logic to multiple selections in a given category. AND will return results with both values. OR will return results with either.

There are three main aspects to setting up hierarchies in the Search Filter widget:

  • setup of data dictionaries/hierarchies
  • setup of data schemas enabling those hierarchies
  • configuring a Search Filter widget
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