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Loading Dock Types

Also known as "LD Types", configuration for download conversion presets

LD Types (or Loading Dock types) allow MediaBeacon administrators to configure asset transformation templates and assign them to groups of users. Since MediaBeacon provides a powerful and easily configurable transformation engine out-of-the-box, an average user may find it challenging and confusing to go through various file formats and their aspects. LD Types allow filtering available transformation options, labeling them with user-friendly names and applying them to various user groups.


New LD Type

Clicking New LD Type will bring up a new configuration page. Here, you can specify a name and describe it to provide detail.



Properties is the section where transformation options are configured. Each property is contained in a designated tab that can be expanded or collapsed.


Default conversion options include:

  • Platform Selection
  • Scaling
  • Image Formats
  • Rotation
  • Resolution
  • Intent
  • Source Colorspace
  • Destination Colorspace
  • Video Formats
  • Conversions
  • Script Options

Each tab can be adjusted at any time without restarting the server. Use or to add or remove options from the list of available entries. These entries will be displayed to end users in drop-down menus as they request transformations. See below.


Conversions is a template that allows aggregating various transformation aspects into a single profile. By applying a user-friendly name to it, you can ensure that users will find it every time.


Script Options allows you to add custom scripts that will be called every time a user requests this option. Such scripts are added to [m-userinfo/m-utscripts] location on the MediaBeacon server. They will be automatically added to this pane after the server is restarted.

Video Formats allows assigning video transformation profiles. Note that video profiles are set up on the server console and require you to restart the server.

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