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Name Mappings

Name Mappings functionality allows MediaBeacon administrators to re-label database field names and metadata namespaces with arbitrary names on a per-group basis.

Name Mappings for Group

Name mappings are set up for groups of users. Each group has its own set of display names, but they all use the same database names. This allows different groups to interact with the same database but have field names tailored specifically for them.


  • Name Maps for Group: This setting controls to which group the below namemap settings will be applied. The "Default" selection applies name mapping to all groups.

When the "Name Mapping" tab is loaded, the "Name Maps for Groups" pulldown will automatically select the group that is set in the current users "Group" setting. In most cases, "Name Maps for Groups" should be set to "Default" before any edits are made.

  • Database Name: field names as they are stored in the database.
  • Display Name: the values displayed to the end users.

Applying Name Mappings

  1. Choose the desired group setting, usually "Default".
  2. Open a desired schema by clicking on a small pencil button right next to the schema name and typing the new name.
  3. Click Update to save your changes.
  4. The next time a user logs in, updated name mappings will be displayed.
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