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M3TAForms allow administrators to build custom metadata panels. Once fields have been defined in the “Fields” tab, M3TAForms can display fields from multiple schemas in a single panel, use HTML layout, and execute client-side JavaScript.


Creating M3TAForm Panels

To create a new M3TAForm panel, click the “+” button and choose “New.”


Double-click a panel’s title to rename it.


Adding Fields and Text

Custom M3TAForm panels can display text and layout elements as well as fields. To add these, click the “+” at the bottom of the screen.


Static Text elements can be used to visually differentiate sections of the panel. “Display HTML” will render any HTML code that’s entered into the text box.


Field will insert a field into the M3TAForm panel. M3TAForms can display any combination of fields that have been defined on the system. Validation options and UI elements are described earlier in the manual under the “Fields” tab.

Note: it is possible to assign different validators and UI elements to a field than what is defined in the “Fields” tab. If this is done, be sure that the choices do not conflict with one another.


“Display Name” lets administrators pick a different name for a field than what has been defined in the “Name Mappings” tab, which is described in the next section of the manual. To use HTML as part of a displayed field name, click the edit button next to “Display Name” and check “Display HTML.”



To rearrange the different elements in a panel, simply drag-and-drop them into the desired order.


Column Count

The column count allows administrators to display the panel in one column or two columns.

Class Name

The class name allows administrators to target the CSS within the M3TAForms panel for custom theming.


Panel JavaScript Events

Every M3TAForm panel can execute client-side JavaScript based on different events, which can be used to build panels that update dynamically based on user activity. These events can trigger for an entire panel or individually by field. For more information on leveraging MediaBeacon’s JavaScript API, please inquire about the MediaBeacon Developer Training.

Saving / Deleting Panels

If a panel’s title displays in red, it has unsaved changes.

Save changes.

M3TAForms_13.pngDelete panel.

Exporting Panels

M3TAForm panels can be exported as files, which can then be used as upload panels within MediaBeacon (for more information, see “Groups > Group Permissions > Upload M3TAForm” in this manual). To export a M3TAForm panel, click the green arrow at the bottom and choose “Download Template”.

Importing Panels

To import a saved M3TAForm panel, click “+” at the top of the window and choose “Import.”


Click “Choose File” to locate the saved M3TAForm panel, then click “Import.” This will bring a copy of the saved panel into MediaBeacon.


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