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How to Create a Custom Contact Sheet Title Template

How to create a Custom Header page for Contact Sheets

Administrators can define a custom contact sheet title template on a per-group basis. Only the creator or any administrator are allowed to delete existing contact sheet templates.


  1. First, create a PDF that will be used as a template.


  2. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  3. Go to “Forms > Add or Edit Fields…”
  4. The window will go into Form Editing Mode:


  5. Choose “Add New Field > Text Field.”


  6. Drag out a text box and enter “CatalogTitle” as the name. This will become the “Title” field.


  7. Create another text box and name it “CatalogDescription.” This will become the “Description” field.


  8. Save the PDF. Note: these fields can be further customized in Acrobat by setting font, text size, and paragraph formatting.
  9. Open MediaBeacon and go to “Manage > System > Groups.” Custom PDF catalog title template apply at the group level.
  10. Choose a group and click the “Customize” button. Then click “Choose File” button in the “PDF Title Template” row.


  11. Click “Update” and a preview icon will appear, indicating that a custom PDF title template has been attached.


  12. Log out and log back in. Contact sheets in this group will now use the custom title template.


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