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MediaBeacon University

Sharing Tab

After the successful setup, you are presented with the MediaBeacon R3volution application interface. Under the Sharing tab you’ll notice three sections: “Shared Files Directory,” “Drop Zone,” and “Shared Files.” The interface is identical on all platforms.


Please note that this interface is only available on the MediaBeacon server. MediaBeacon clients access the system using web browsers.

Shared Files Directory

In this section, you can see, update and open your asset repository and also check how many assets are cataloged in the system.

Reveal Files

This button opens your asset directory in the Finder or Windows Explorer. By clicking it, you will have an easy and quick access to the file system.


This button allows you to change your Shared Files Directory. Note that when you choose a new folder that MediaBeacon has not indexed before, it may take a while to generate previews for all assets, depending on the number of assets, their type, and server hardware speed.

Update File List

This will tell MediaBeacon to immediately scan your Shared Files Directory for changes. If Live File system Update is turned off, this button will alert MediaBeacon to detect all changed files and folders and update the database.

Drop Zone

Here you have MediaBeacon’s intelligent ‘‘Drop Zone.’’


Drag-and-drop allows you to manipulate assets. Drop a file, a URL or a folder from almost anywhere onto this window and the appropriate action will be automatically chosen.



This button will minimize MediaBeacon’s main application window and leave a floating window with the Drop Zone. This allows you to maximize screen real estate for easier dragging-and-dropping.



This button allows you to see the progress of importing assets. You can also choose to reveal assets on the file system, edit metadata or clear items from the manager.

Shared Files

Browse Website

This button will take you to the main web interface with root (super user) privileges.


Supported Browsers

The following are the browser versions that MediaBeacon’s web interface supports.

  • Chrome versions 40+
  • Firefox versions 40+
  • Safari versions 8+
  • Internet Explorer versions 11+ (does not support Compatibility View)

Change Web / Preferred Address

This section allows you to assign and change the URL that the digital asset management services will be exposed on. The URL specified here is used by MediaBeacon users for accessing the server.


Change E-mail / E-mail Setup

This allows you to configure the SMTP server that MediaBeacon uses for email notifications.


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