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Concepts in MediaBeacon 8.0

Widgets, Workspaces and R3Search

Widget-based Interfaces | Google Web Toolkit

All organizations have unique production environments and unfortunately for them, the entire software industry is working on the basic economies of scale premise of “one size fits all”. The issue is somewhat solved by custom portals and custom interfaces written on various platforms but again, the main feature that such web interfaces have in common is “they are cumbersome and inflexible”.

MediaBeacon adopted Google Web Toolkit (GWT) technology for its interfaces to address this issue. GWT is the technology used by web platforms like eBay, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and many others. GWT is becoming the standard for high-availability and high-interactivity interfaces. It is also supported by all web browsers and will have to be supported if they want to be compatible with Google, LinkedIn, eBay and thousands of other applications.

What does it mean to MediaBeacon and our customers?

Think of MediaBeacon functions as widgets. Each function is encapsulated into a semi-autonomous widget and can be mashed up by authorized administrators into custom portals with multiple workspaces via simple web GUI.

The process is intuitive and simple. Administrator selects appropriate widgets, adds them to a portal and publishes it to groups of users with a few mouse clicks.

Below are a few sample interfaces built from widgets.


Summary: Modular and intuitive interfaces shown above allow gradual rollout and adoption.

Smart Content Discovery and Data Trending | R3Search

Namespace-aware data model provides unprecedented power. Normalized data can be instantly and seamlessly parsed by various business applications. MediaBeacon R3Search is just one of them.

MediaBeacon R3Search is the world’s only Enterprise Search engine organically integrated into an enterprise-grade Digital Asset Management System.

R3Search allows organizations to intuitively identify relationships across large data sets, rank them and streamline the results via widget-based faceted portals.

Each metadata field in MediaBeacon can be presented as a browse facet. Administrators can mash up these facets into an amazingly easy to use and intuitive content discovery platform.

Intro_R3Search_1.png Intro_R3Search_1.png Intro_R3search_2.png Intro_R3search_3.png

Summary: An asset management system is useless if users cannot effectively search for assets. MediaBeacon brings a world-class search experience with a combination of intuitive asset discovery tools.

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