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Workspace Basics

This section covers the basics of workspaces. The workspace shown here is the default "Infinite Scroll" preset workspace.

[image: workspace-defaultinfinitescroll]

Menu Bar

The menu bar contains a number of elements:

  • Clear Search Button: Clears the current search.
  • Navigate Menu: Allows the user to choose between available workspaces.
  • Command Menus: These menus contain commands.
  • Cart Component: Allows the user to quickly collect assets.
  • ACL Menu: Allows the user to choose between available ACLs.
  • User Menu: Allows the user to view their account details.
  • Help Menu: Connects to the top level pages of [].
  • Logout Button: Logs the user out of MediaBeacon.

Search Bar

  • Quick Search Component: Allows the user to search for assets by entering a string.
  • Search Status Component: Displays the current search criteria.

Component Layout Zone

  • Search Filter Component: Allows the user to search for individual pieces of metadata or convergences thereof.
  • Infinite Scroll View Component: Allows the user to see all assets that the current search returns, and to perform a variety of functions to them.

Notification Center

[image: notification-center-events-processing]

The popup dialog will be displayed when a background task is initiated. Examples of background tasks include: downloading a conversion, metadata writing, moving or copying assets. The Notification Center will visually indicate when a task is in progress and when it is completed.

The Notification Center toggles between open and closed the by clicking on the title of the popup.

Available Conversions

Downloads that are being converted may be queued in the Notification Center's Available Conversions area.

[image: notification-center-available-conversions]

Asset Icons

Each Icon represents a specific conversion of a specific asset.

Asset Badge Buttons

  • Download: An arrow icon, that downloads the conversion.
  • Delete: An "x" icon that will delete the conversion.
  • Conversion Badge: Notes what preset was used to create the conversion.


The buttons on the lower part of the available conversion area have the following functions:

  • Download All [image: icon-notification-center-download-all]
    • Downloads all the conversions in the available conversions area.
  • Email All [image: icon-notification-center-email-all]
    • Emails all the conversions in the available conversions area. See the [Email] section for more information.
  • Remove All [image: icon-notification-center-remove-all]
    • Deletes all conversions.

Toast Notifications

Notifications that do not have a progress bar are shown as "toast" popups on the left side of the browser.

[image: toast-notifications-email]

Workspace Tabs

[image: workspace-workspace-tabs-highlight]

Workspace tabs are an alternative to using the Notification menu, allowing the user to to navigate between workspaces by clicking a button control rather than using a menu. This option will be set by an administrator, if used.

General Components Area

[image: workspace-components-area-highlight]

This area of the workspace is where most components may be found.

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