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Navigating Basics

There are several ways to navigate between interfaces in the MediaBeacon Web UI. Users may want to switch workspaces and ACLs based on the tasks they need to perform.

Switching Workspaces

Some configurations of the Web UI will allow the user to switch between workspaces. This may be done using the Navigation menu or Workspace Tabs.



Switching ACLs

When the user has access to multiple ACLs, they will be able to switch between them using the ACL Menu or the ACL Component.


Arbitrary Navigation

When required, MediaBeacon can obscure the switching between workspaces and ACLs using the Places Browser component, which will be presented with links or buttons to change the user's access, with customized labels.

The Places Browser may be presented as a Tree, Menu, or Buttons:


Places Browser in Tree mode


Places Browser in Menu mode


Places Browser in Button mode

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