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This function allows the "file" portion to be updated while retaining the same "asset" information, such as Asset ID and metadata.

An example would be the need to do photo touch-up on an image that's already been tagged with metadata, to remove a photographic flaw, or to color correct it.

To make a new version, the user right-clicks an asset and chooses "New Version" from the contextual menu, displaying the New Version dialog.



  • Upload button: Opens a standard OS file picker to choose any file to upload as replacement.
    • Note that no Upload Metaform is displayed for this operation, regardless of other configuration, as it's being used with a preexisting asset.
  • Comments: Text here can be used to identify the version.
  • Replace Name: This option will change the name of the asset to the new file. This is especially useful when the new file is of a different file format.
  • Replace Metadata: Optionally, XMP metadata in the new file may replace metadata in the asset. This will remove all metadata (except Asset ID), even fields not present in the uploaded file.
    • Note: Some metadata is always changed to match the new version, such as: File Size, File Format, and Color Profile.

Of note is that this form of upload does not trigger Upload metaforms.

Once uploaded, the new version if the image becomes the current version of an asset, and the older versions are accessible in the Managed Versions metaform tab.


Past Versions in the Managed Version Metaform

The Managed Versions metaform tab is used to display the previous versions of an asset.


  • A spindown panel, "Named" shows all versions. This interface is paginated and has a button to show all versions in the current view component.
  • Show in View Component button: This will display all past version of an asset in the view component.
  • Asset Action Button: When an asset is hovered over, this icon is shown. It shows a submenu with the following commands
    • Quick Download or Conversion Preset buttons: downloads that previous version using the quick download or a conversion preset.
    • Compare: Opens the "Compare Versions" dialog, showing a image that represents the difference in pixels between the two versions.upload-assetview-manvers-compare.png
    • Promote to Current Version: This will make an older version into the current version.
      • Note: This action will not change the asset file name.
    • Delete: Removes a version permanently.
  • Version Numbering: The current version number is 1 higher than the highest number shown on all the versions under "Named".
  • Managed Versions only shows versions when viewed from the current version asset.

Versions and Asset ID

Non-current versions will have their Asset ID changed while the current version will retain the original Asset ID.

Related Functions

The [Check Out] function is similar to Versioning and usually only one of the two functions are used in any given installation.

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