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Upload via Drag and Drop

Users may upload to MediaBeacon by dragging and dropping one or more files from their OS desktop into their browser window.

Several different areas in the UI are valid places to drop files, referred to as upload dropzones. Each of these may trigger different options.

This method of upload, and each of the below methods are configurable by system administrators and may or may not be present in all MediaBeacon instances.


View Component


  • The view component on a workspace may be configured to act as a dropzone.
  • The upload location (destination of files) is preset by a system administrator.

Optional Configuration

  • Upload to Selected Directory: This component may be configured to uploaded files to the currently selected directory in the Directory Browser.
  • Asset Linking: A link is created between the uploaded assets and the asset upon which they are dropped. See [Asset Links] for more information.

Upload HTML Component


  • This is the most common configuration, with one or more present in the UI.
  • They may also be clicked to show a standard Upload dialog.
  • Note that this component's appearance is fully customizable, they may have a different designs in any MediaBeacon instance.
  • The upload location is preset by a system administrator.

Directory Browser


  • Any folder may be drag and dropped to to set the upload location.
  • Hovering over a directory with subdirectories will cause it to "snap" open to show subdirectories.

Optional Configuration

  • This component may allow each directory displayed to act as a dropzone, uploading to that directory.


  • If the user drops files on a component that has no upload options, or in an area that has no component, the workspace itself will act as an upload dropzone.
  • Workspace uploads are placed in the Standard Directory.

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