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Upload via Create Menu

The standard method for users to bring new assets into MediaBeacon.

This method uses the Upload command in the Create Menu, opening the Upload dialog.

Upload Dialog


File Destination

The user may choose one of two options for the target directory of the upload: Standard Directory or Current Directory.

  • Standard Directory: The upload location will be a folder named "upload", located under "Index". This directory is named with the uploading user's username and a timestamped directory for each upload event.
    • Index/upload/username/2018.10.10 12.34.56
    • Current Directory: This option will set the currently-selected directory in the Directory Browser as the upload target directory.

Select File

This button opens a standard OS-level file-picker, allowing the user to pick a file to upload. Additional files may be included in an upload.

Upload Progress

When the user clicks the "Upload" button, the notification center will show progress of upload.


Last Upload Selection

When the upload is finished, the notification center will display a clickable link: "See Uploaded File(s)".


Clicking here will set the search criteria to "selection is upload_last". This is an automatically updated saved selection that contains the assets in the user's last upload.


This selection may be recalled at any time by choosing "Load" in the Selection menu.



Uploading ZIP Archives

When a ZIP archive is uploaded to MediaBeacon, it will present the Extract Files dialog.


The user may choose:

  • Yes: The contents of the ZIP archive will be extracted, being placed in the chosen directory.
    • Note: if the ZIP archive contains a directory structure, that will be reconstituted within MediaBeacon.
    • No: The ZIP archive is uploaded and itself becomes an asset. MediaBeacon does not preview the contents of ZIP archives in any way, and any metadata written to the ZIP asset are not inherited by the contents.

Metadata Preservation

When added to the upload dialog, some files (based on file extension) cause a warning to appear in the Upload dialog: "Metadata may not be preserved unless a '.zip' archive is used."


This only pertains in fairly rare circumstances; when XMP is stored in a file's Alternate Data Stream (Windows) or Extended Attributes, (macOS).

Some file formats that cannot contain XMP metadata, (such as PNG) may have this condition. In order to keep the metadata with the file, MediaBeacon appends the metadata via one of the aforementioned methods during download.

In this case, to upload the PNG image to MediaBeacon and retain the metadata, the asset would need to be ZIP compressed. However, unless the metadata of the original is required, this would be unnecessary.

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