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Check Out

Similar to the Version function, but allowing assets to be locked until a new version can be uploaded.

When the Check Out contextual menu command is performed on an asset, it is immediately Quick Downloaded and Checked Out. This is done to prevent other users from altering a file while it's being altered.

Note that Check Out, or any other contextual menu command may be performed by right clicking on the asset preview, either in the view component or the asset view.

An asset that is "checked out" cannot be moved to another location, copied, renamed, or have any alteration to its metadata. This status changes several aspects of the asset

  • The contextual menu will be altered to include "Check in" and "Cancel Check out", see below.
  • In the Managed Version metaform tab, a new version is listed as "Working Copy". This is a placeholder version until the newer one is checked in.

Checked Out Asset Contextual Menu

  • Downloading: A checked out asset cannot be downloaded by users, other than the user that checked it out, who can download it again if needed.
  • Check In: Only available to the original checkout user, this command opens the Check In dialog. It allows the user to upload a new versions.
    • This will automatically rename the asset to the uploaded file's name, however the original metadata is retained.
  • Cancel Check Out: This command will unlock the asset, no new version of the asset is created.

An administrator may also be able to cancel a check out or check in a version.

Related Functions

The Version function is similar to Check Out, and usually only one of the two functions are used in any given installation. See the [Versions] article for more information on using the Managed Version metaform.

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