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Search Status

The Search Status component allows the user to view and alter the currently applied search criteria.


The Search Status component

Working with Search Criteria

Search criteria may be added by using any of the available search methods, filtering the current view.

Individual search criteria may be removed with the clear icon on each term, or all terms may be cleared by clicking the Home button.

Search criteria clear buttons

Home button

Types of Criteria

Each type of search will display slightly different criteria:

Quick Search


Search Filter


NOT Search Filter


Advanced Search


Selected Directory


Folder Transparency and Opacity

When a folder is selected in the Directory Browser, MediaBeacon's default behavior is to display all assets in that folder and all subfolders in the current View component, this is referred to as folder transparency.

In order to filter for those assets located in the root of a folder, the user can click a "directory" search criteria (after first clicking a folder in the Directory Browser). The search criteria is then put in "folder opacity" mode, indicated by an opaque folder icon in the left-hand side of the directory search. In this mode, subfolder's contents are not displayed in the View component.

Advanced Operators

Advanced operators (AND, OR), also known as boolean operators, are used to combine search criteria in advanced types of searching. The option to view criteria with these operators is configured by an administrator.

When displayed, these operators can be clicked to toggle between "AND" and "OR".

For more detail on how to use advanced operators, see the [Search Filter] section.


Editable Search Criteria

In MediaBeacon 2019.2 and above, the values of search criteria may now be directly edited. The user may click on a search criteria's text, and it will enter an edit mode, allowing the user to substitute a string.

  • Advanced Search criteria values, before and after
  • Search Filter criteria values, before and after
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