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Search Overview

This article reviews basic search concepts.

Search Components

Several common components involved with searching are:

  1. Quick Search
  2. Search Status
  3. Search Filter
  4. Directory Browser


Other, specialist search components exist, see [TBD] for more information

Search Criteria

MediaBeacon provides an array of ways to search for assets. Using any of them, such as Quick Search, search criteria are added to the Search Status component.


Search criteria collectively filter which assets are displayed to the user, referred to as the current view.

Current View

The current view is the set of all assets that match the current search criteria. This is also the set of assets will be selected when the user chooses the "Select All" command. The count of assets in the current view is visible to the right of the search criteria.


The current view of assets is restricted to those which match the search criteria, and the current view count is displayed

Search Criteria Retention

Some actions clear the current search criteria, while others add to that list. Below are the default actions that clear, add to, or retain search criteria. Keep in mind that an individual MediaBeacon instance may deviate from these default behaviours depending upon configuration.

Clears search criteria:

  • Clicking the Home button in the upper left of the interface
  • Switching between ACLs
  • Performing a Quick Search

Adds to search criteria:

  • Selecting a value in the Search Filter

Retains Search criteria:

  • Switching between workspaces
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