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Search Filter

Users can quickly filter assets based on specific values in specific fields by using the Search Filter.

The Search Filter displays a list of metadata fields, and in turn, values and a count of assets within the current view that contain that value.

Metadata fields in the Search Filter

Metadata values in the Search Filter

For example, under the "Keyword" heading, there might be five different values. In this case, the values would be five different keywords, and the numbers to the right are the total number of assets that contain this keyword within the set of assets in the current view.

The component's interface is divided into vertical sections, a field name (sometimes referred to as a facet) and a list of values below it. The values displayed under a field name may be toggled open and closed using the spindown triangle icon [image:button-spindown-triangle.png] to the left of the field name. If more values are present than are currently displayed (often limited for reasons of height), the filter button [image: button-searchfilter-filter.png] is displayed.

Clicking the more button will display a filter field under the field name, and show up to 256 values in a scrollable display under the field name. The filter field will filter values shown in the scroll area, allowing users to quickly find any value in the list.


Adding and Removing Search Criteria

When the user clicks on a value, it is displayed as highlighted under the field heading. It is also added to the current search criteria, further filtering the assets in the current view to only display assets which contain the selected values.

Selected values will also change the displayed values in the Search Filter, displaying only those terms that are present in assets the current view contains.


The user can add more search criteria by clicking other values.


The user can remove values by:

  • Clicking the Clear value icon to the right of a value to remove a specific value
  • Clicking the clear all field values icon to the right of the field heading to clear all values from that field
  • Clicking the Home button to clear all criteria

Using Advanced Operators

The Search Filter uses boolean search operators (AND, OR, NOT) to build complex searches quickly. For example, the search below can be built in 5 clicks:

[image of a complex search like ( Fruit Type = apples OR Fruit Type = blueberries ) AND ( NOT Food Type = pie AND NOT Food Type = cobbler )]


When any value is chosen, an operator indicator is displayed, initially reading AND. This indicates which operator will be applied when subsequent values are chosen.


When clicked, this will change to OR. Note that more values are available as the currently-selected value is non-exclusive.


AND Operator

  • Multiple values chosen in a given field are automatically combined with AND.
  • Values chosen between different fields are always combined with AND.

OR Operator

  • Multiple values in a given field may be combined with an OR operator. Selecting the OR operator will return results that contain one or both of the search terms surrounding it.

NOT Operator

  • Shift-clicking any value will add it as a negative search criteria, which will return assets that do not contain that term.
  • Shift-clicking the field name will add a null value search criteria, returning assets that contain no metadata in the chosen field.

Field Types

Fields that contain specific types of metadata have different options for display.

Single Value and Multi-Value Fields

Values in these fields types are displayed as pairs of values and counts.


Hierarchical Fields

This type of field holds data that looks like this:

  • Animalia:Chordata:Mammalia:Carnivora:Felidae:Felinae:Felis:silvestris:catus
  • Animalia:Chordata:Mammalia:Carnivora:Canidae:Canis:lupus:familiaris
  • Animalia:Chordata:Vertebrata:Mammalia:Afrotheria:Proboscidea:Elephantidae

In a spindown form that looks like this:


Selecting any of the interstitial values will filter any assets tagged with that value or any of the ones that contain it.

Date Fields

These fields have a variety of display options:

  • Each value may represent a whole month or range of months, filtering for that range of dates.
  • Values may be displayed as a hierarchy, with days and months nested within years.
  • A graphical calendar can be used, with optional color coded days for number of assets present.
  • Date fields may also be filtered by date range, by clicking the ranger filter button.


This field type can display exact values, or preset ranges of values. Also available is a range filer, similar to the date field type.




Color Profile

The Color Profile displays a set of histogram colors. Every asset with a visual preview is tagged with some of these of these colors at the time of upload, representing the most prominent colors in the image. These colors are not exact matches, but rather used to broadly color-categorize images.


Selecting a color will filter for assets containing these broad color categories.


Colors may also be shift-clicked to exclude certain colors.


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