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Quick Search

The Quick Search component allows the user to enter text to perform a search.


The user enters a text string and then presses return, enter, or the magnifying glass icon ([image]) to perform the search. Each new string entered will clear the previous search criteria.


This will filter the current view, the results being based on values contained in metadata fields, text content (for some file types), and filenames.

Whole Terms

Quick Search will use the entered string, and search based on the whole words contained within it. For example, the entry Fall Campaign contains two whole words, Fall and Campaign. This search would return assets that contain Fall, Campaign, Spring Campaign, Fall Colors, and Fall Campaign.

The string Campaign, by itself, will return assets that contain Fall Campaign, Campaign, or Spring Campaign.

If the user wishes to search for assets contain only Fall Campaign, then the string should be entered with quotes: "Fall Campaign".

Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) are not parsed as operators by Quick Search, so entering apples NOT pears will search for the whole words apples, not, and pears. To search using AND, OR and NOT, use the Search Filter.

Advanced Search Button

The icon [image] to the left of the magnifying glass icon indicates that the Advanced Search is available. See the [Advanced Search] section for more info.


Optional Configuration

Search Within Current Results

Normally, each search with Quick Search removes the previous search criteria. The Quick Search component may be configured to search within current results, so that each Quick Search is combined with the previous criteria using the AND operator.

Substring Searching

In contrast to whole words, substring searching can find a string of characters within whole words. For example, a substring-enabled search for berg would return assets containing the whole word aubergine.

Substring search is not enabled for all metadata fields by default, an administrator enables this on a field by field basis. However, substring search is enabled for filenames by default.

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