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Metaform Component

This component is used to display a metaform outside the Asset View or Bulk Edit dialogs.

The form has no function until an asset selection is made.


When an asset selection is made, the component allows the user to view and ( if the user has permission) to edit them.

  • Single asset: When just one asset is selected, the metaform will show any metadata that may be resident in the selected asset in that metaform, and allow metadata to be edited.
  • Multiple assets: In this case, the metaform will not show any metadata of the selected assets, but allows the user to write metadata to multiple assets at once, and perform different Field Edit Actions. For more information, see the [Bulk Edit] section.

Optional Configuration

  • Hidden Metaform: Optionally, the metaform will be hidden until an asset is selected, saving space in the Web UI.
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