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Color Search

MediaBeacon uses image colors as metadata, which can be used to search and filter assets.

When an asset is uploaded to MediaBeacon, a color histogram is generated, recording the 21 most prominent colors as HEX values in the Color Profile field. MediaBeacon has two special fields that can be added to the Search Filter component, Color Profile and Pantone® Colors.

Color Profile


In the Search Filter, this field displays a grid of 112 color swatches. Similar to other Search Filter fields, if no assets in the current view contain a given swatch, those swatches will be hidden.


Each color swatch acts as a value in any other Search Filter field. Click a color swatch (or shift to add it to the search criteria. Multiple swatches may be selected to further refine asset results.


Shift-click a swatch to add a "NOT Swatch" to the search criteria so that the assets that contain a given color are ruled out in the search.


Pantone® Colors

The Pantone® Colors field allows users to filter by Pantone® colors that are near-matches for Color Profile colors.


  • Assets are automatically tagged with a list of Pantone® colors that represent close matches to the values in an asset's Color Profile.
  • The list displays up to 256 Pantone® colors, but a given color can be searched for using the filter function.
  • The list of pantone colors is not shown by frequency, but by Pantone® swatch order.
  • Clicking on a currently-selected Pantone® color will remove it from search criteria.
  • Shift-clicking a Pantone® color will add it as a "NOT criteria". In this case, the value shown in the Search filter will be negative, indicating how many assets are hidden.

Color Harmony

Right-clicking a Pantone® value in the Search Filter will show a menu of color harmonies.

Clicking a harmony will replace Pantone® colors in search criteria with those in the harmony.

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