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Bulk Edit

The Bulk Edit function is used to write a set of metadata to an entire asset selection.

Once an asset selection is made, the user may choose "Bulk Edit" from the "Selection" Menu or "Selection" in the contextual menu.


Bulk Edit Dialog

This dialog allows the user to pick from a list of available XMP metaforms, enter metadata changes to perform, and to see a summary of all the changes being made before committing the metadata write.


One aspect of the Bulk Edit function that makes it especially useful is that it can write to multiple fields in multiple metaforms at once.

Field Edit Actions


When mass-editing metadata with Bulk Edit, each field can be written to in a variety of ways, chosen by clicking the icon to the right of each field and choosing from the menu there.

One of the following actions may be chosen per field, from the Field Edit Action menu and performed on all assets in the selection. Not all field types have all these selections.

  • No Action: No metadata is written on this field.
  • Clear Fields: All metadata will be removed from this field.
  • Replace: All previous metadata will be overwritten with the entered value

Special Actions

  • Append: Appends a string of text to the end of a Text Area or String field.
  • Add: Adds a given value to a multivalue field, retaining all previous values.
  • Delete: Removes only the specified value from a multivalue field, retaining all other values.

Summary Panel

This panel shows all metadata changes that will be written to the asset selection. Clicking on each field here will switch the selected metaform tab that contains that edit, making alteration easy.

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