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Asset View

Asset View is a full-screen dialog that is used to view the metadata of a given asset.

Asset View Dialog


Asset view can be opened in any view component by double-clicking the asset preview, or pressing the space bar when an asset is selected.

  1. Exit Asset View: Closes the Asset view. This can also be done with the Escape Key. Note that this is not the browser's back button.
  2. Quick Download: Downloads a copy of the displayed asset.
  3. Add to Cart: Adds the displayed asset to the user's cart.
  4. Send External Link: Sends a link allowing non-system users to download the displayed asset.
  5. Toggle Info panel: Opens/closes the Info panel.
  6. Pagination: When the current view contains multiple assets, these arrows will be shown, indicating that the user can click them or use the left and right arrow keys to display the next or previous Asset View for the assets in the current view. Metadata values that have been entered but not been saved will be saved when the pagination is used to move to another asset.
  7. Asset Preview Panel: This shows a scalable asset preview. This larger preview will generate when needed, so if the image is blurry, a higher res preview will appear after a few seconds. This will only occur if the image is a raster image of sufficient size from which to generate a higher resolution preview.
  8. Info Panel: Displays metaforms
  9. Metaform Tabs: A list of metaforms, in an accordian-style interface, allowing one form to be opened at once. See [Metaforms] for more information on using these forms.
  10. Toggle metaform tab indicator: Displays open and closed status of individual metaforms.
  11. Add Metaform tab: This button in the upper right of the Info panel allows the user to add available metaforms to the list below
  12. Hide Empty Fields: The button will hide any fields with null values. In this state it will display as "Show Empty Fields".
  13. Metaform fields: Hold metadata values.

Other Controls

  1. When the cursor is hovered over the left edge of the metadata panel, the resize handle is shown, allowing the user to change the width of this panel and the Asset preview.
  2. When the Info panel is expanded as far as possible to the right, the "General" tab is displayed below the asset preview.
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