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Using the Export Function

This article details the use of the Export wizard function.


  1. Choose Initial Asset Scope
  2. Begin Export
  3. Choose Export Options
  4. Click "Export" at bottom of the Export Options panel to download the specified file.
    1. Note: this export file is not saved as an asset within MediaBeacon.

Choose Initial Asset Scope

Choose a scope of assets: Narrow the results of export by searching or filtering results in the Current View.

A good practice is to save the assets that will be used in the export as a Saved Selection. This enables the same asset set to be recalled for later use with an metadata import to the same set.

Begin Export

Click the "Export" button. This displays the export options panel above the column headers of the List component.

Choose Export Options


  • Format (CSV, XML, Tab Delimited, Custom Delimited):  This determines the file format of the metadata file. "CSV" or "Tab Delimited" are the most often used. See the File Formats article for more information.
  • Encoding: MediaBeacon can output in a variety of encodings, but UTF-8 is our best practice recommendation, especially for reuse of this data as an import to MediaBeacon.
  • Filename: The name of the downloaded file.
  • Export from:
    • Current Selection: Metadata from assets in the current selection are exported.
    • Current View: Metadata from all assets in the current view are exported.

While the Export Options panel is open, it is still possible to search, filter, and select assets.

  • Options
    • Remove Quotes (checked by default): If unchecked, this option will add double-quote characters around every field's data, even blank ones. It is generally unnecessary to include them and removing them is the default.
      • Even when quotes are removed, fields in text area or comma separated values will still be surrounded by quotes, as these data types require them.
    • Use Namemapped Column Headings: this option outputs the header line of the file with Display names instead of XML Expanded names. It's best practice to leave this option off.
  • Buttons
    • Cancel: Cancels the Export.
    • Save Export Preset: See the [Import/Export Presets] article for more information.
    • Export: Downloads the an export file with the selected parameters to the user's computer. This file is not stored as an asset.

Commit Export

Clicking the "Export" button finalizes the export and begins processing and download of the export file.

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