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Import/Export Wizard Presets

Saving and recalling specific Import/Export wizard parameters.

The parameters of the Import or Export Options panel may be saved for later re-use:

  1. To save the current parameters of Import or Export Options:
    1. Click the "Save preset" button, the Save Export Preset will open.
    2. Enter preset "Name".
    3. Enter preset "Description", optional.
    4. Select preset "Icon", optional.
  2. Once presets have been saved, they are shown in a menu that is displayed when clicking the "Import" or "Export" button, along with a "New" command.
    1. Choosing a preset will open the Import or Export Options panel with the previous parameters selected.
  3. Presets may be managed in the List component's configuration. They are displayed in List View Options.
    1. The "Add preset to toolbar" option will display that preset with the other wizard buttons.
    2. Presets can be deleted by clicking the "circle X" icon the the preset's right.
    3. Optional: The "Import" or "Export" option can be disabled while still showing an export preset button.

Export presets are confined to the specific list component they were saved with. Other list component do not share them. Presets do not record the Column Headers of a List component.

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