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Image Color Adjustment via the Asset Info Dialog

Color adjustment functions in MediaBeacon.

This feature allows the user to create a new version of an asset that has been color-adjusted. Clicking the Edit Color button (located at the upper right of the left-hand frame) opens the color adjustment panel.


The user may choose to edit color in two tabs in the right-hand panel; Color Filters and Basic Adjustments, respectively (active tab is underlined in blue).


Color Filters Tab


  • This tab shows a list of 9 basic filters, along with a small preview of what the asset will look like when each is chosen.
  • A slider above the presets allows the user to blend the original image with the filter; 0% at the left and 100% at the right.

Basic Adjustments Tabassetview-editcolor-basicadjustments.png

  • This tab displays adjustment sliders for Brightness, Saturation and Contrast, as well as Red, Blue and Green color sliders
  • Combining Color Effects: The effects of the Color Filter and basic Adjustments can be combined.
    • For example, using the Greyscale preset in the Color Filters tab, and then stitching to the Basic Adjustments tab to add a purple tint.


  • Comparison View: When changes have been made to the color settings of either tab, the user may click the asset preview to see the original image. The message "Click and Hold to Compare" is displayed below the asset.

  • Revert Changes: The Revert Changes button (located at the upper right of the left-hand frame) will revert the image to its original state.

Creating a New Version

Once the user has made the settings they desire for a new version, they may click the New Version button (located at the upper right of the left-hand frame) to create a new version, which may be viewed under the "Managed Versions" metaform tab.

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