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Download Conversions

The "Download" command allows users to download multiple assets at once, and optionally, to apply a conversion to those assets.

Starting a Download

The command can be chosen in several different places in the interface, with some variation in function:

  • Selection menu (when an asset selection has been made)
    • Downloads all assets in the selection
  • The contextual menu
    • Downloads only the asset that was right-clicked upon, regardless of the current asst selection
  • The contexual menu's "Selection" submenu
    • Downloads all assets in the selection

In any of these cases, the Conversion dialog will be displayed, to allow the user to choose a conversion preset or to perform a custom conversion.

What are Conversions?

Conversions are copies of assets that are changed from their original format to another in the process of downloading them. These conversions are not permanently retained by MediaBeacon, so are best not thought of as "renditions".

Conversions may alter file parameters such as: file format, size, dpi, and color mode (RGB, Grayscale, CMYK)

Using the Conversions Dialog


  • Presets Tab: Each row in this tab represents a predefined set of parameters into which the assets will be converted.
    • Various qualities of the asset may be changed, such as file type, color mode, scaling, rotation, resolution setting, and color conversion.
    • It is typical that there is a "No Conversion" (or similar name) preset. This downloads the original in the same manner as quick download.
  • Custom Tab: This tab allows the user to choose the specific parameters desired for a conversion.
    • Various qualities of the asset may be changed, such as file type, color mode, scaling, resolution setting, and color conversion.
    • This section may be hidden from users, unless the user's role requires download of assets in arbitrary combinations of parameters.
    • "Remove directory hierarchy": when turned off, the folder structure the asset exists in within the MediaBeacon system will be included the download.
    • "Download on conversion completion": Allows the download to immediately proceed once processed, otherwise, the asset will be held in the available conversions area, see below. Note that if the browser window is closed, the download will not proceed until the user logs back in.
    • "Notify by email when processing is complete": Sends an email to inform the user a download has completed.

Once a conversion preset or custom conversion has been chosen, the asset conversion progress will be shown in the notification center, and either downloaded immediately, or sent to the available conversions area, depending upon options chosen above.

Keep in mind that conversion presets and custom conversion are installation-specific, so the list of available conversions or other options may differ in any given instance.


Available Conversions Area

This area (formerly called the "Loading Dock"), is displayed when there are converted assets that are waiting to be downloaded.


  • Conversions: Icons listed here represent conversions of assets that are ready to be downloaded. Each conversion has several individual controls that pertain only to that asset
    • Download: Downloads just this conversion.
    • Delete: Deletes just this conversion.
    • Conversion Identifier Badge: Shows what preset (or that custom conversion) was used to create the conversion.
  • Download All: Downloads all conversions.
  • Email All: Sends the converted assets to a list of recipients. The full assets are attached, so users will need to be sure this does not exceed the maximum email attachment size.
  • Delete All: Deletes all conversions.

Conversions Component


The Conversions component displays all or a subset of the available conversions seen in the Conversions Preset Tab. Clicking a conversion or dragging an asset selection to a Conversion will trigger the conversion to begin.

Again, depending upon the preset configuration, this may cause a download to commence when the conversion is complete, or send the conversion to the Notification Center Available Conversions area.

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