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Crop and Rotate via the Asset Info Dialog

Advanced Rotate and Crop functions.

New to MediaBeacon 2018.x, this feature allows the user to create a new version of an asset that is cropped or rotated. In the Asset View, the Crop and Rotate Image (located at the upper right of the left-hand frame) button opens the Crop and Rotate Image panel.


The asset preview will also show a gridded cropping box representing the crop area. It can be resized by click-dragging the corners or edges of the cropping box, and moved by click-dragging inside the box.

  • Aspect Ratio Presets: These buttons lock the aspect ratio of the cropping box, or set it to "Free" having no preset aspect ratio.
    • In Free mode, shift-click-dragging a corner or side of the cropping box will retain the current aspect ratio.
  • Rotation Slider and Indicator: the slide allows to user to rotate the image by an arbitrary amount clockwise or counter clockwise.assetview-croprotate-arbitrary.pngArbitrary rotation of an image
  • Rotate Left: Rotates the image 90° left.
  • Rotate Right: Rotates the image 90° right.
  • Flip Horizontal: Mirrors the image horizontally.
  • Flip Vertical: Mirrors the image vertically.
  • Preview image: Displays a small preview of the cropped image.
  • Revert Changes: The Revert Changes button (located at the upper right of the left-hand frame) will revert the image to its original state.

Creating a New Version

Once the user has made the settings they desire for a new version, they may click the New Version button (located at the upper right of the left-hand frame) to create a new version, which may be viewed under the "Managed Versions" metaform tab.


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