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This section covers functions that involve downloading files from MediaBeacon.

An asset selection may be downloaded in a variety of ways:

  • Quick Download in the contextual menu: The most common form of download, also referred to as a direct download. Downloads the original of a single asset See the [Quick Download] section for more information.
  • Download in the contextual menu and/or the Selection submenu in the contextual menu: The most flexible form of download.
    • Acts upon single or multiple assets
    • May download assets in original format, use conversion presets, or custom conversions
    • May immediately download assets or hold them in the Available Conversions area.
    • See the [Download Conversions] section for function information.
    • Asset Menu, displayed when the cursor hovers over an asset: Depending upon configuration, this menu may allow Quick Download or allow the user to select a conversion preset.
    • Check Out in the contextual menu. See the [Check Out] section for function information.
    • Crop in the contextual menu. See the [Crop] section for function information.

Metadata Retention

When an asset is downloaded, any XMP metadata present in the asset is included at the time of download.

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