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Saved Selections

This functionality provides a way to recall sets of assets without having to add common metadata or move them to a directory structure.

Saved selection commands are found in several places.

  • "Selection" menu in Menu Bar
  • "Selection" submenu in contextual menu of an asset (right-clicking on an asset).
  • "Load Selection" when accesisng contextual menu if the view component (right clicking on an part of the component that contains no asset).

Creating Saved Selections

While as assets are selected, Menubar > Create > Save selection: displays the Create Saved Selection dialog.



  • Name & Description: Identifies the saved selection in the Load Saved Selection Dialog.
  • Sharing Settings:
    • Private: The saved selection is only visible to the the user who created it.
    • Public: All users of the system may see this saved selection.
    • Current Group: This allows users of the group the user is currently using to see the saved selection.
    • Share with Specific Users / Groups: This selection has a number of options.
      • User: One or more users may be chosen with whom to share the selection.
      • Email: If enabled, an email containing a link to the selection will be sent to the above recipients. The user will be able to enter additional body text for the email.
    • Modifiable by the Shared Users: Shown for all above settings except for "Private". This button allows other users to modify the selection, such as change its name, description and member assets.
    • Create Selection Bundle: See the [Bundles] section for more information.
    • Create: Creates the saved selection with the specified options.

Loading Saved Selections


The load saved selection dialog is displayed when a the command: Menubar > Selection > Load is used. This dialog has headings for selection bundles, Public, Private, and Shared saved selections.

Each entry shows the selection name and preview icon of the first 8 assets. If a description was added, it is shown when the "circle I"  icon is moused over. An indicator number shows how many assets are in the selection.

When loaded, a saved selection is displayed in the view component, and search criteria is replaced with "selection is <selectionname>".

Modifying Saved Selections

Adding Assets

Menubar > Selection > Add: Adds the current asset selection to a previously saved selection. This will display the "Add to Saved Selection" dialog. The selected assets will be added to the clicked saved selection.

Removing Assets

Menubar > Selection > Remove: Removes an asset from a saved selection. This menu option is only shown when a selection is the current search criteria.

Saved Selections in Other Components

Saved selections may also be accessed in the the [Places Browser] and [Saved Selection] components



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