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Saved Searches

Saving searches for later reuse in MediaBeacon.

Two kinds of searches may be saved: Advanced Searches, and Status Panel Searches

Advanced Saved Searches


Advanced saved searches record the state of the Advanced Search and can be used to recall the results of that search. To the right of the Advanced Search dialog is the Saved Search panel

As the "Save" button indicates in the lower left of the Advanced Search dialog, advanced searches may be saved. Click “Save” to display the Save Search dialog.

Once the user enters the name and an optional description of a saved search, the user will select a Sharing Setting:

  • Private: Only the creator of the search and Global Administrators may see the saved search in the Saved Search Panel.
  • Current Group: The saved search may be seen in the Saved Search Panel by all users of any ACL within everyone in the user's Current Group, even if they are not using one of those ACLs at the time.
  • Share with Specific Users/Groups: This selection allows the user to share with other specific users and/or one or more specific groups. An optional email may be sent to the recipients.

Saved Advanced Search Interface

The Saved Search Panel displays a section for Advanced Searches, each with a name, and optional description, and various icons. Above is a search filter for saved search names.

  • Globe, to the left of the saved search title, indicates a search is shared.
  • Magnifying glass, loads the search in the advanced search dialog.
  • "X" icon, deletes the saved search. Only the creator of a saved search can delete it.

Search Status Saved Searches

Search Status searches can only be made when an administrator has enabled the "Show Save Search Button" option in the Search Status component configuration.

Searches of this type are displayed under the Search Status heading of the Saved Search Panel in the Advanced Search Dialog


Saved Searches In Other Components

Optionally, searches may be displayed in the Saved Search component. These interfaces allowssearches to be performed with a click, but not edited.



Search Bundles

There is an additional option for saving a search using the "Create Search Bundle" button. This creates and an asset that allows the user to recall the saved search.

See the [Bundles] section for more information

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