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Asset Links

An Asset Link is an arbitrary association between two or more assets, based on Asset IDs.

Asset Links are not always the recommended way to associate assets, because Asset ID values are not directly manipulable by users, and asset links are not searchable.

The asset linking function must be enabled by a system administrator to be used.

Linking Assets

Assets can be linked using several methods:

  • Drag and Drop: Dragging assets onto other assets creates an ungrouped link (see below).
  • Menu Command: When a selection of two or more assets is made, choosing the "Selection > Link assets" command will open the Linking Current Selection dialog (see Named Linksets, below).
    • Global Link Description: Optionally adds a linkset name.
    • Link Description: Optionally adds a label for each asset in the linkset.
  • Upload: A view component can be configured to allow linking assets upon upload.

Asset Links Metaform Tab


Displayed in the Asset View, this special metaform shows other assets to which the current asset is linked.

The is split into several linkset sections, Ungrouped Links, and any number of Named Linksets. Each of these subsections has similar interface controls:

  • Linkset Name: defined by "Global Link Description", see above.
  • Header Controls: at the top of each linkset.
    • Pagination: This panel can be paged through, similar to the Tile View if many links are present.
    • Show in View Component: This button will close the Asset View, and display all assets listed in the linkset in the current view component.
    • New Link [image]: Allows an asset to be added by entering a valid Asset ID. A description may also be entered. This is shown under?
  • Asset Actions: at the upper right of each asset in a linkset.
    • Edit Link: Allows the user change the asset linked by entering an Asset ID. Also allows a description to be entered, which will be shown in the asset links tab.
    • Delete Link: Removes the asset link, both assets otherwise unchanged.

Named Linksets

When a link is created with the Linking Current Selection dialog, a "named linkset" is created. The name of that linkset can be entered as well as descriptions for each asset.

Ungrouped Links

This panel shows all assets that are linked with this asset, using an ungrouped (unnamed) asset link. Drag and drop and upload links appear this way.

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