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Subscription Notification System

A new feature In MediaBeacon 2019.2, the Subscription Notification system allows users to subscribe to an asset and receive real-time notifications in a bell icon in the menu bar when the asset is edited, deleted, or downloaded. These notifications are sent when another user performs these actions to any subscribed asset.

This behavior is standard in MediaBeacon2019.2, but may be disabled by a permission restriction.

Note: The "Notification Center" is a related, but different function, used to show the user feedback for actions that they have performed, such as uploaded assets or a metadata edit. See the Upload via Create Menu article for an example.

Assets Subscription

  • Subscribe command: allows the user to subscribe to an asset. When subscribed to an asset, this entry will display as the Unsubscribe command, performing the opposite action.

Notification Icon & Menu

  • A bell icon (notification icon) is displayed in the menu bar, between the User indicator and the Help icon.notification-icon.png
  • When new notifications have arrived, a numbered badge will be shown on the bell icon.


  • When clicked, the bell icon will display the Notifications Menu. This menu displays entries that represent events for actions taken to Subscribed assets. New actions are highlighted in blue. Once the menu has been closed, previously new notifications are considered read and no longer generate the numbered badge on the bell icon.notification-menu.png
  • Each notification will have a small icon indicating the type of action performed. See the Notification Types section, below.
  • Hovering over the "X minutes ago" string will display a tooltip with the exact date and time of the notification.
  • Each notification entry has an action menu that allows the user to remove the specific notification, or to unsubscribe fro the asset, and receive no more notifications from that source.


  • The "See More" link will open the Notifications Dialog, see below.


Notification Types

Asset's Metadata Edited


  • Blue icon
  • This notification indicates that metadata in the subscribed asset has been edited by another user.
  • Clicking this type of notification opens the asset in Asset View.

Asset Downloaded


  • Green icon
  • This notification indicates that the subscribed asset has been downloaded by another user.
  • Clicking this type of notification opens the asset in Asset View.

Asset Deletion


  • Red icon
  • This notification indicates that the subscribed asset has been edited by another user. Deleting an asset will delete all prior notifications about that asset, and send the "asset deleted" notification.
  • This notification type does not have an action upon click, as there is no asset to display.

Asset had Duplicates Detected


  • Cyan icon
  • This notification indicates that duplicates have been detected, and subscription is not required. This notification is only shown for the user who uploaded assets that have duplicates detected.
  • Clicking this type of notification will open the saved selection that was generated during an upload event that show all assets that match the upload at the time of upload.

Asset Notification sent via Workflow


  • Black icon
  • This notification is generated by a workflow, and does not require subscription. The settings of the workflow dictate the recipient and message of the notification.
  • Clicking this type of notification opens the asset in Asset View.

Notifications Dialog

  • This dialog, opened when "See More" is clicked in the Notifications Menu, displays a list of all notifications accessible to the user.
  • These entries also have an Options menu (see Notification Menu section, above), visible when the cursor is hovered over the right side of the entry.
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