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External Link

This section is under construction.

The external link function allows users to create a link to download assets that don’t require a MediaBeacon login.

This function will need to be enabled by the administrator to be an option for users.

Create External Link


  • Share External Link: Creates a link to all assets in a folder.

Send External Link Dialog


  • Email Field: Allows entry of email addresses or MediaBeacon usernames. The pulldown will show a list of user email addresses. At least one email address must be entered.
  • Share Expiration Date: Once this date elapses the link will not function. If no date is supplied, the expiration date will be set at 30 days from the current date.
  • Maximum Download Count: Every time the link is downloaded, this count will decrement. If no number is specified, there is no limit on the number of downloads.
  • Checkbox: "Get email notified when someone downloads a link?": This enables an email to be sent to the user who created the link each time a download occurs.
  • Licensing Text: This is displayed on the download page, see below. This text defaults to: "By downloading digital assets available on this website, you accept and agree to this site's terms and conditions." but may be changed to any text the user chooses.
  • "Save" / "Cancel" buttons: Creates the external link, and cancels link creation respectively.
  • "Click to copy link to your clipboard." button: When a link is created this button is displayed, allowing the user to copy the link to their computer's clipboard.
  • Send Email button: The link is created and emailed to the recipients. It will also open the "Send External Link" dialog, which allows the user to copy the link to their computer's clipboard.

Using an External Link

When the link in question is followed, a new browser tab will open, displaying a download page.


  • Agree & Download: Downloads the content of the external link.
  • Cancel: Closes the current browser tab.

Managing External Links

The user may not alter an external link once created, but they can be disabled by an administrator.

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