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This article covers several ways that MediaBeacon generates email.

Emailing Assets

When selected, and assets may be included or referenced in an email by choosing:

  • Menubar > Selection > Email, or
  • Asset Contextual Menu > Selection > Email


This will display the Send Email dialog:

  • From: This is defined by the server itself. All email originating from MediaBeacon will be listed as from this address, not from the individual user's email.
  • To: The user may choose from a list of email addresses of users who share group membership with the emailing user. Other addresses may be entered manually, separated by commas.
  • Subject: The email subject line may be entered here.
  • Body: This area is prepopulated with asst links, but the user may enter additional text and apply formatting if required.
  • Asset Links: These links allow the asset to be opened by the recipient, if:
    • The user can log into MediaBeacon, and
    • If the user has access to those assets.
  • Pre-populate text: This checkbox will clear the body section and fill in the asset links when set to checked.
  • Attach the asset(s): This option will include copies of the assets as email attachments. This is limited to a maximum of 10Mb per email, but this may be lower depending upon your MediBeacon instance's settings.

Email on Conversion Completion

  • Selection Menu > Download > Custom Tab > Notify a user when a large conversion has completed: This option sends and email to the user when conversion processing is complete.

Email Available Conversions


  • Notification Center > Email All: This command will open the "Email Assets in Loading Dock" dialog. All assets will be sent as attachments. Note email attachment size limit as discussed above.

Email from Sharing Selections

  • Menubar > Create > Save Selection > Share with Specific Users / Groups

See the [Saved Selection] section for more information.

Email from Scripts

MediaBeacon can also send emails to users that are generated by internal scripts. These will be specific to a given installation and configured by an administrator.

Email from External Links

This function also send emails to recipients and creators of external links. See the [External Links] article for more information.


Email send progress is noted in the lower left of the screen, not the notification center.


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