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Directory Browser

The directory browser component allows users to interact directly with directories in the filesystem.


Clicking a directory will clear the current search and add the chosen directory as the current search criteria, filtering all results to assets in that directory and any subdirectories.

Directories containing subdirectories may be "spun open" to show their contents using the spindown triangle icon, to the left of the folder icon.

Drag and Drop Actions

Move or copy assets: Drag-hover a selection of assets over a directory. Once released, the Move/Copy Selection dialog will be displayed, allowing the user to choose to move or copy the assets. If the directory hovered over has any subdirectories, it will autoexpand, allowing the user to drop into a child directory.

Contextual Menu Commands

This menu is shown when the user right-clicks a directory or clicks the options icon.


File Action Commands

The following commands allow the user to manipulate directories. Not all commands may be available to all users.

  • New: Create a new directory.
  • Rename: Rename a directory. This can also be done by double-clicking the directory name.
  • Delete: Delete a directory and all files within it, permanently.
  • Move/Copy: Move or copy a directory and all contents.
  • Duplicate Folder: Duplicate a directory and all contents.
  • Download: Download a directory and all contents.

Expanded Privilege Commands

These commands are usually reserved for users with a management role in the system:

  • Import: Regenerates previews. See the [Admin Manual] section for more information.
  • Bundle & Folder Info: Allows the user to create folder bundles. See [Bundles] for more information.
  • Create Data Asset: Allows the user to create a data-only asset in the selected folder. See [Data Assets] for more information.
  • Share External Link: Allows the user to share an entire directory with a link that requires no login. See [Share External Link] for more information.

Optional Interface Elements

  • Drag and Drop File Upload: When enabled, this allows files from the user's desktop to be dragged into a specific directory so that they are uploaded to that directory.
  • Change Directory on Selection Move/Copy: Once a move or copy operation is completed, this function will automatically select the target directory of that action, displaying all assets in that location.
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