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Asset Selection

Assets in MediaBeacon may be selected, similar to icons in a desktop operating system.

Selecting Assets

Assets may be individually selected in any view component by clicking on them, at which point they will highlight to show this status. Assets may be multiselected by shift-clicking multiple assets, or band-selected. The latter is performed by by click-dragging in a part of the interface that has no other components, or between asset previews, and pulling a selection box that touches one or more assets.

Single Selection

Multiple Selection

Band Selection

The current asset selection is composed of all the assets that have been highlighted in this fashion.

The menu bar command Selection > Select All may be used to select all of the assets in the current view. Keep in mind that it may potentially select a very large number of assets, beyond what is displayed on the browser's screen. Check the selection count, to the right of the Selection Menu, to see the how many assets are selected.


The asset selection is "sticky" because it is retained independently from search criteria. For example, a user might clear the current search criteria with the Home button, effectively adding more images to the current view and "pushing" the assets in the selection off-screen. The assets remain selected, as can be seen in the selection count.

A selection made to a current view filtered for one keyword

If the criteria is clerared, the selection remains

For more information on working with selections, see the [Collect] section.

Deselecting Assets

Assets may be deselected by:

  • Clicking another asset, this will clear any other selections.
  • Shift-clicking a currently selected asset.
  • Clear Selection keyboard shortcut:
    • macOS: Command + Shift + x
    • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + x

Using Commands on Asset Selections

Many commands can be applied to an asset selection, click below to read more on each topic.

  • [Create Menu] commands
  • [Selection menu] commands
  • [View Component Contextual Commands]
    • Submenu commands
    • [Keyboard shortcuts]

Drag and Drop within MediaBeacon

An asset selection may be dragged and dropped on various components within the MediaBeacon Web UI to apply a variety of commands to the selection. When the user clicks and holds on an asset in an asset selection, an asset stack is shown.


This displays previews of the first three assets, and a count of the assets. This tracks the cursor and indicates what function will be applied by overlaying a function icon on the top asset preview.

Drag and Drop Actions

  • Directory Browser Component: Move or copy assets: Drag-hover a selection of assets over a directory. Once released, the Move/Copy Selection dialog will be displayed, allowing the user to choose to move or copy the assets. If the directory hovered over has any subdirectories, it will autoexpand, allowing the user to drop into a child directory.assetsel-dragstack-dirbrowse.png

  • View Components: Link assets: Drag-hover a selection of assets over a directory. Once released, the "Link Assets" dialog will be displayed, allowing the user to create asset links. See the [Asset Links] section for more information.

  • Cart Component: Cart Icon: Drag-hover a selection of assets over the Cart icon. Once released, the assets will be added to the Cart.

  • Search Filter and Taxonomy Components: Add metadata: Drag-hover a selection of assets over a value. Once released, the Update Metadata dialog will be displayed, allowing the user to confirm or cancel the addition of that metadata value to the asset selection.

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