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Using Workspaces

How to add, arrange, share, and delete workspaces.

This article deals with workspaces as arranged within ACLs. For "Manage Workspace" functionality, see Manage Workspace Dialog.

Workspaces Overview

Each ACL can contain a number of workspaces, each of which has a UUID that is displayed as part of the browser's URL. This UUID is always specifically tied to a given workspace. Identically configured workspaces will still be unique.

Workspaces can be shared between ACLs. A shared workspace contains the same components and settings wherever it appears. A change made to a workspace in one ACL will change it in all ACLs with which is it shared.

Workspace Options Contextual Menu

Administrator-Level users may use several commands in the Workspace contextual menu. It may be displayed in either of two ways:

Contextual Menu

  1. Right-click any non-component, non-menu, or non-menu area
  2. Note: this method does not require the user be in admin mode.

Selected Workspace Tab Gear Menu

  1. Enter admin mode
  2. Select the desired workspace tab
  3. Left-click the gear icon in the highlighted workspace tab.

Non-Selected Workspace Tab Gear Menu

  1. Enter admin mode
  2. Left-click the gear icon in a non-highlighted workspace tab.

It contains the commands:

  • Manage Workspace (absent in Non-Selected Workspace Tab Gear Menu)
  • Share Workspace
  • Duplicate Workspace (absent in Non-Selected Workspace Tab Gear Menu)
  • Delete Workspace
  • Hide Workspace
  • Admin Mode

Adding Workspaces

Workspaces may be added by using the Menu Bar > Create > Workspace command, which opens the "Add A Workspace" dialog.

The workspaces available here, except for the "Blank" option, are templates. The templates contain a set of components that are automatically shared between each added instance of that template.

Using a template (other than "Blank") in the "Add a Workspace" dialog is analogous to duplicating a workspace using the "Duplicate as an asset, retaining component links" option. For this reason it is recommended to create new workspaces with only the "Blank" option, then adding and/or sharing components as necessary is recommended.

Each workspace added to an ACL is displayed in the Navigation Menu.

Sharing Workspaces and Duplicating Workspaces

Workspaces may be shared and duplicated.

  • Sharing a workspace does not make additional workspaces, but rather gives another ACL access to the shared workspace.
  • Duplicated workspaces are new workspaces that have the same settings as the original workspace at the time of the duplication.


Workspaces may be shared in the "Share Workspace" dialog. To open this dialog, choose "Share Workspace" in the Workspace Options Menu.

  1. Choose: "Share workspace to another group" Selecting this option allows the admin to choose a group.
  2. A list of ACLs is shown for the chosen group.
  3. If the group has only one ACL, as is common, it will automatically be selected.
  4. Once an ACL is selected, the admin may click "Share", and the workspace will be accessible to the specified ACL.
  5. INFO CALLOUT: When a workspace is shared with an ACL with currently logged in users. The shared workspace will not be accessible to them until they logout and log in again.

The "Download workspace as an asset" option is discussed below.


Duplicating a workspace always assigns a new UUID to the duplicate, and may be done in 3 ways:

  • Duplicate in the current ACL, retaining component links
    • Usage: Often used for creating duplicate workspaces that might have a handful of different components between them.
  • Duplicate as an asset, retaining component links
    • Usage: Often used for making templates that will inherit the current settings of extant components when used.
  • Duplicate as an asset, not retaining component links.
    • Usage: Often used for making independent, non-linked workspace templates.

The "component linking" function is discussed in detail in the [Component Linking and Component ID] section. To summarize this feature: Component linking allows components with identical "Component IDs" to share the same configuration.

Duplicate a workspace in the current ACL, retaining component links

  1. Select the "Duplicate Workspace" command from the workspace contextual menu.
  2. Workspace is duplicated with the same label, new UUID and linked components

Duplicate a workspace as an asset, retaining component links

This option will save the current workspaces as an asset (.xmpper file). It is first downloaded by the admin's browser, and must be re-uploaded into MediaBeacon to be used.

To create an .xmpper asset.

  1. Open the "Share Workspace" dialog.
  2. Choose the "Download workspace as an asset" option.
  3. Enable the "Preserve Component Links" checkbox.
  4. A name field will be shown, allowing the admin to change the name of the downloaded asset.
    1. Note: Spaces in the string will be replaced with "+" characters upon download.

To use a .xmpper asset.

  1. Upload the .xmpper asset into MediaBeacon.
  2. Select the "Load Workspace" command in the.xmpper asset's contextual menu or asset menu
  3. In the "Import Workspace" dialog, confirm.
  4. The workspace will be added to the current ACL. Note: The name of workspace will be taken from the .xmpper's file name.

Duplicate a workspace as an asset, not retaining component links

To create a .xmpper with non linked components, use the instructions above but disable the "Preserve Component Links" checkbox.

Deleting Workspaces

This command deletes the current workspace from the current ACL. If the workspace is not shared with another ACL, it and any unshared components are permanently deleted.

Hide Workspace

Choosing this setting has two effects, hiding the workspace in

  1. Hiding the workspace in the Navigation menu.
  2. Hiding the workspace from any users not in admin mode.
    1. Admin-level will still have access to the workspace in admin mode.

Arrangement of Workspaces

An ACL's workspaces are shown in the Navigate menu, and as workspace tabs while in Admin Mode. These tabs may be dragged and dropped to rearrange their order in the Navigate menu; tabs arranged left-to-right translate to top-to-bottom.

The upper-leftmost tab position is special, being the workspace that the given ACL will view first by default.

Workspace Names

Workspace names may be changed while in admin mode by double-clicking the name in the workspace tab.

This will change the name of the tab in the Navigate menu and other admin interface elements.

It is important to remember that workspace names are only labels that are specific to only the current ACL. Each workspace has a UUID that is MediaBeacon's identifier for that workspace. If a workspace is shared with another acl, and its name is changed, the change will not be reflected in the other ACL. The UUID number of the workspace, however does not change.

Note: Capitalization changes to name strings will not be saved. For example, if the workspace "WorkSpace0" is changed to "Workspace0", that change will not be saved. If another character is added, such as a space ("Workspace 0"), the name will be saved.