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Component Configuration

MediaBeacon options for configuring components.

MediaBeacon allows administrators to add a wide array of components to workspaces. Each component has its own end user and administrator articles, detailing configuration and usage. Below is a list of existing components.

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Component List

This section lists each component available in MediaBeacon with a short description. For more information on a component, follow the link to read the expanded article.

Component Type Component Name Description User Article

Administrator Article

Search Components Color Search Uses the R3Search backend to search assets based on the colors inside them. Color Search (User)

Color Search (Administrator)

Search Components Date Search This component uses R3Search to display information and filter by any date-based field. It will display a frequency bar graph of the number of assets per date range. The date ranges can be narrowed and assets in the view component will be filtered accordingly. Date Search (User)

Date Search (Administrator)

Search Components Directory Browser The directory browser displays the file system as a tree, allowing users to view assets by their position in the file system. Granted appropriate permissions, users can add, move, rename, copy, or delete folders. Directory Browser (User)

Directory Browser (Administrator)

Search Components Facet Graph Visually drill down on asset metadata. Facet Graph (User)

Facet Graph (Administrator)

Search Components Featured Content This component displays content from an arbitrary source with paging. Featured Content (User)

Featured Content (Administrator)

Search Components Keyword Search This component allows for searching based on keywords. Keyword Search (User)

Keyword Search (Administrator)

Search Components Metrics View Component which displays MediaBeacon usage metrics. Adding this component to a workspace will cause only metrics data to be displayed on the workspace. No searching of data beyond the metrics core is possible until this is removed. Metrics View (User)

Metrics View (Administrator)

Search Components Places Browser This component holds Places that can be arranged and organized in a folder structure tree. A Place is a shortcut to a specific ACL, workspace, directory, saved selection, saved search, or hierarchy tree link. Places Browser (User)

Places Browser (Administrator)

Search Components Quick Search This component searches assets by filename (case-sensitive) and the MediaBeacon ID number by default. The MediaBeacon administrator can enable additional fields or types of metadata to be available for searching. Quick Search (User)

Quick Search (Administrator)

Search Components Saved Searches Shows a panel with saved searches from the user and any searches the group members have shared. Saved Searches (User)

Saved Searches (Administrator)

Search Components Saved Selections Shows a panel with saved selections from the user and any selections the group members have shared. Saved Selections (User)

Saved Selections (Administrator)

Search Components Search Filter This component uses R3Search to display the frequency of all values for selected metadata fields. This component allows a user to filter assets based on the metadata values. The values available are dynamically updated based on active filters. Search Filter (User)

Search Filter (Administrator)

Search Components Search Refinement Provides information on which metadata fields contain your most recent search terms, and allows you to further focus your search by field and term. Search Refinement (User)

Search Refinement (Administrator)

Search Components Tag Cloud Create a tag cloud from values in any solr indexed field. Tag Cloud (User)

Tag Cloud (Administrator)

Search Components Taxonomy Browser This component allows browsing by hierarchical metadata fields. The taxonomy fields available are setup in the user or group administration pages. Taxonomy Browser (User)

Taxonomy Browser (Administrator)

Information Components HTML Component displays HTML markup as well as MediaBeacon wiki markup. HTML (User)

HTML (Administrator)

Information Components Loading Dock Status Component for displaying the contents of the loading dock. Also has global loading dock actions. Loading Dock Status (User)

Loading Dock Status (Administrator)

Information Components Logged In Users Component to display currently logged in users. Logged In Users (User)

Logged In Users (Administrator)

Information Components Login This component displays a Login form. Login (User)

Login (Administrator)

Information Components M4sterPlan Component Component displays active M4sterPlans and allows creation of new. M4sterPlan Component (User)

M4sterPlan Component (Administrator)

Information Components Metaform This component displays a Metaform and tracks either the current selection or the single selection, displaying information accordingly. Metaform (User)

Metaform (Administrator)

Information Components Report A component to give reports on certain points of data such as number of users or total asset size. Report (User)

Report (Administrator)

Information Components RSS This component allows the user to define the URL to an RSS feed to display. RSS (User)

RSS (Administrator)

Information Components Search Status This component allows a user to view and remove any filters applied to the current view. Search Status (User)

Search Status (Administrator)

Information Components Upload HTML Displays HTML markup as well as MediaBeacon wiki markup. Users can drag and drop files onto the component to upload Upload HTML (User)

Upload HTML (Administrator)

Information Components Video Playback This component leverages an HTML5 video tag to play videos back to back. Video Playback (User)

Video Playback (Administrator)

Action Components ACL Selection Shows the available ACLs in a panel which the user can select. ACL Selection (User)

ACL Selection (Administrator)

Action Components Cart This component allows a user to drag assets from a view component, such as Tile View, and drop them into a cart. A cart can be saved as a new selection or be set as the current selection. Cart (User)

Cart (Administrator)

Action Components Conversions This component allows for assets to be sent to the loading dock for processing. It can also be added to the action palette at the bottom of the page. Conversions (User)

Conversions (Administrator)

Action Components Metaform Stamper This component allows a user to create an Metaform stamp that can be used to easily update assets' metadata. Metaform Stamper (User)

Metaform Stamper (Administrator)

Action Components Navigation Component to display workspaces in some form. Used to navigate to different pages within MediaBeacon. Navigation (User)

Navigation (Administrator)

Action Components Trash A component to drag items onto to delete them. Trash (User)

Trash (Administrator)

View Components Infinite Scroll View View component which displays a page of assets with scroll. Once bottom of scroll is reached, a new page is added to the bottom of the container, so the user can keep scrolling to new pages Infinite Scroll View (User)

Infinite Scroll View (Administrator)

View Components List View Spreadsheet style text view with Editable XMP Metadata. List View (User)

List View (Administrator)

View Components Tile View Displays a tile view of assets. Tile View (User)

Tile View (Administrator)

View Components Video Editor View Component for creating/editing videos from video files in the repository Video Editor View (User)

Video Editor View (Administrator)


Components of Greatest Use

The following is a list of the most-used components in MediaBeacon.

  1. Quick Search
  2. Search Status
  3. Search Filter
  4. Directory Browser
  5. Infinite Scroll View
  6. Tile View
  7. List View
  8. Cart
  9. Conversions
  10. Upload HTML
  11. Places Browser
  12. Metaform Stamper
  13. Featured Content
  14. Metaform

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