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ACL Configuration

Configuring Access Control Lists in MediaBeacon.

ACL Metadata is contained in a group configuration asset's metadata, but for the sake of clarity it is described here.

ACL Metadata is in the Data Block metadata structure.

  • Name: The label of the of the current ACL. Note that general users do not see the names of groups in the ACL menu, only the string designated in this field.
  • Default ACL checkbox: Enabling this option automatically copies this ACL to the parent group's Default ACL field.
  • Description: A note area to describe the ACL. This string is only displayed in this field and in the ACL Selection component.
  • Root Path: This field designates a "root folder" to filter assets available to ACL users. When set, the user of the ACL will only have access to assets that are contained in that folder and subfolders. Can be used in conjunction with the "Search Filter" setting, below.
    • This is noted in the WebUI as "Index/", in the Directory Browser, Move/Copy dialog.
    • "Index" does not always refer to an ACL Root Path. See [The Index Folder] Article for more information.
  • Hide: When enabled, this setting will prevent this ACL from being listed in the ACL menu or the ACL List in the Places Browser. This may be desirable in the case of an IdP pooling all users into a common group.
  • Icon: Defines the icon displayed for this ACL in the ACL menu and the ACL Selection component.
  • Workspaces: This field lists workspaces this ACL can access. The user cannot add workspaces here, but they can be removed.

If a workspace is removed and it is not shared by any other ACL, the workspace is permanently deleted.

  • Search Filter: This field designates a saved search to filter assets available to ACL users. Similar to the Root Path, this will restrict the user's access. However, instead of the restriction being the contents of a folder, the assets returned by the search are available to users.
    • Can be used in conjunction with a Root Folder, as described above.
    • The Search Filter dropdown lists all non-private saved searches to be used as an ACLs search filter. Best practice is to create "Admin Searches" for use in ACL configuration. See the [???] section for more information.
  • Upload Metaform: This field allows a specific metaform to be designated as the default upload metaform for all workspaces in that ACL. Note that the Upload Metaform designated for a workspace or component will override this setting.
  • Javascript on Download: Client-side Javascript entered here will be executed prior to allowing the download of a file. This option is usually only required for add-on products.
  • Permission Restrictions: Entries in this field suppress the specific functionalities for users of this ACL. This field is multivalue, and can clear all or add all restrictions with the buttons below it. Please see the [Permissions Restrictions List] article for full detail on specific restrictions.

If a permission restriction is listed in this field, the functionalities associated with it are disabled for users of the ACL.

  • Permission Workflows: This field designates an advanced workflow that can automatically and dynamically set permission restrictions for the ACL.
    • This allows a server side script to be called to check if the permission should be enabled or not. For example, you could have a conditional permission based on metadata or call an external rights management system.
  • Conditional Download: This field allows a saved search to be used to restrict download of assets based upon metadata.
    • Assets that are the returned by the designated search will be downloadable, all others will still be accessible but cannot be downloaded.
      • The "View Original", "Crop", and "Check Out" commands are also unavailable in this case.
    • Best practice is to create "Admin Searches" for use in ACL configuration. See the [???] section for more information.
  • Visible Metaforms: This field defines what metaforms are available in the Bulk Edit or Asset View interfaces.
    • Changed from previous versions of MediaBeacon, newly-created metaforms are not automatically added to all ACLs Metaforms are now "opt-in" within the ACL configuration.
  • GWT JS, GWT CSS, and GWT Body: Code entered here will be added to all served pages in MediaBeacon.

Editing ACL Settings

As ACLs are metadata contained in a group, ACLs are edited within a group's Create/Edit dialog. Each ACL section no longer has an independent "Save" button, all changes to all of a group's metadata is saved when the "Update Group" button is pressed.

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