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Admin Core

This section covers front-end Administrative functions in MediaBeacon.

What is the Admin Core?

MediaBeacon can be configured on three levels.

  1. The Web User Interface, or (Web UI) may be configured by a user with the correct permissions, usually a Global Administrator-level user..
  2. The application's installation itself is configured via the [MediaBeacon Server GUI Application Manual].
  3. The Admin Core.

The Admin Core interface is itself a secondary, internal MediaBeacon which uses the metadata of specialized data-only assets to define system parameters of Users, Groups, Fields, Metaforms, and Loading Dock Types. Each of these areas of system configuration has its own Workspace.


For clarity's sake, this section will use the following terminology to differentiate between some similarly named concepts:

Because the Admin Core itself is an instance of MediaBeacon, there can be some confusion of nomenclature. In this section, we will use the following terms to differentiate similarly named points of configuration

  • Web UI: MediaBeacon for non-admin users. Admins may configure Workspaces and Components here. 
  • Admin Core: Allows Admins to configure the parameters of Users, Groups / ACLs, Fields, Metaforms, and Loading Dock Types.
  • Assets
    • DAM Asset: An asset that is managed by the WebUI.
    • Configuration Asset: An asset managed by the Admin Core that defines parameters of WebUI behavior.
  • Fields
    • XMP fields: refers to the fields that are used to store data about assets uploaded by users in the WebUI.
    • Property fields: The fields that define the parameters of configuration assets. Also refers to fields presented in workspace or component configuration.
    • Metaform fields: XMP fields displayed in a metaform.
    • Configuration value: The values entered into property fields. Often the names of various other configuration assets will be used as values in property fields.

Admin Core Database

MediaBeacon requires two databases to function properly, one for the WebUI part of MediaBeacon, and one for the Admin core. The WebUI database can have any name, but the Admin Core database must be have the string "_admin" postpended to the WebUI name. For example "mediabeacon" and "mediabeacon_admin".

See the [Database Users] section in the [MediaBeacon Server GUI Application] section for more info.

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