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Running MediaBeacon 2018.0 as a Service

MediaBeacon 2018.0 can be run as a service on Windows. The following are intended to intended to be basic setup instructions. Double-check each step to ensure its appropriateness for your particular configuration.

Note that these instructions will need to be followed after any installation or upgrade of the MediaBeacon application.

Windows Service Installation

  1. Ensure MediaBeacon is configured and running properly before proceeding with service installation steps.
    1. Note: To run MediaBeacon as a service, the service must be installed using the same Windows user account that was used for the initial MediaBeacon application installation.
  2. Stop MediaBeacon:
    1. In the MediaBeacon Server GUI application:
      1. Under the "Admin" tab: Click "Stop MediaBeacon".
    2. Open the Task Manager:
      1. Ensure that no tasks named "Java(TM) Platform SE Binary" are running.
    3. Exit the MediaBeacon Server GUI application.
  3. Open a command prompt. The application must be run as the "Administrator". To do so:
    1. Press the windows key
    2. Click the search icon, enter "Command Prompt"
    3. Right-click Command Prompt and choose "Run as administrator"
  4. Determine if MediaBeacon services are installed on the system
    1. sc query mediabeacon
  5. If any service for MediaBeacon is shown:
    1. Change directory to the MediaBeacon installation, which is typically C:\Program Files\MediaBeacon\MediaBeacon.
      1. cd C:\Program Files\MediaBeacon\MediaBeacon
    2. Uninstall using the following command
      1. bin\prunsrv.exe //DS//mediabeacon
  6. Edit etc\mb_inst.bat
    1. Notes:
      1. Ensure you are using a plaintext editor
      2. In a standard install this is located at: C:\Program Files\MediaBeacon\MediaBeacon\etc\mb_inst.bat
    2. Confirm that the various file paths to MediaBeacon's binaries are accurate. The C:\Program Files\mediabeacon\mediabeacon strings should be replaced with the actual install location if MediaBeacon is installed to a non-default location:
      1. PR_INSTALL
      2. PR_CLASSPATH (multiple paths)
      3. PR_LIBRARYPATH (multiple paths)
      4. The line under "REM Install Service"
    3. Update the PR_JVMMX variable to match the 'Maximum Memory' set on the Admin tab of the MediaBeacon Server GUI application (which, in turn, should be set to a value appropriate to the server's use and resources). The default value of 4096 for the PR_JVMMX variable typically matches the default in the MediaBeacon application. If you're unsure of a proper value for your environment, please contact MediaBeacon Support.
    4. Do NOT Modify the PR_SERVICEUSER and PR_SERVICEPASSWORD lines. These will be set in subsequent steps.
  7. In the Command Prompt, run etc\mb_inst.bat to install the service.
    1. etc\mb_inst.bat
    2. Note, use "Run as administrator" method, as above.
  8. Set MediaBeacon service account information:
    1. Open the Services application
    2. Right-click MediaBeacon service, choose "Properties"
    3. Click "Log On" tab
    4. Enter the username and password of the windows user that the service will be run under. Note: This must match the Windows user account that was used for initial application install.
    5. Click "Apply", Click "OK"
  9. Optional: Set the MediaBeacon service's Recovery options:
    1. Open the Services application
    2. Right-click MediaBeacon service, choose "Properties"
    3. Click "Recovery" tab
    4. First failure: Restart the Service
    5. Second failure: Restart the Service
    6. Subsequent failures: Restart the Service
    7. Reset fail count after: 0 days
    8. Restart service after: 1 minutes
    9. Click "Apply", Click "OK".
    10. Start MediaBeacon service: See instructions below.

Starting and Stopping MediaBeacon Running as a Service in Windows


  1. Open "Services" application:
    1. Right-click MediaBeacon service, choose "Start".
    2. MediaBeacon is now starting and needs no further intervention.
  2. OPTIONAL: to monitor MediaBeacon's startup:
    1. Open  MediaBeacon Server GUI application
      1. In the MediaBeacon Server GUI application, startup is indicated by
        1. The Start/Stop button (Under the "Admin" tab) is labelled "Stop MediaBeacon".
        2. The flyout panel is displayed.


  1. Open "Services" application:
    1. Right-click MediaBeacon service, choose "Stop"
    2. Wait for shutdown progress bar to finish.
  2. Open "Task Manager" application:
    1. Ensure that no tasks named "Java(TM) Platform SE Binary" are running.
  3. Shutdown MediaBeacon Server GUI application, if applicable:
    1. Under the "Admin" tab: The Start/Stop button will be greyed out and say "Stop MediaBeacon" (indicating that is is shut down)
    2. Exit the MediaBeacon Server GUI application using the "X" icon in upper left of application window.
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