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MediaBeacon 2018

MediaBeacon 2018


This section houses documentation for MediaBeacon 2018. For previous versions 8.0 - 8.6, see the Legacy Documentation - MediaBeacon 8.6 or Legacy Documentation PDFs sections.

This documentation is currently under construction, and is being updated to a more refined structure. We are in the process of changing how our documentation is structured, and present two main sections: the User Manual, which focuses on the end user's experience of MediaBeacon functionality, and the Administrator Manual, which is a reference for all aspects of installation and configuration of MediaBeacon software.

Our first priority will be the User Manual, so that all users can be introduced to MediaBeacon 2018's new interface, followed by the complete configuration reference of the Administrator Manual.

Please also see the Release Notes section for highlights on new developments in MediaBeacon Functionality.

Changes in MediaBeacon 2018

MediaBeacon 2018 has seen a great deal of development over the previous version (8.6), so we will be maintaining a Notable Changes in MediaBeacon 2018 reference for longtime users.

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